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In 1890, a German immigrant named John Utz settled in Waterville Township and established the Riverside Fruit Farm located along the river at Noward and River Roads (old Rt. 24). His son Marion and grandson Bernard continued the tradition of producing high quality apples, cider and peaches as M.L. Utz & Son Orchard Fruits. Bernard semi-retired from farming and retired Utz's Orchards in 1976.

A generation passed, not without family missing the easily accessible, tasty fruit. A passion for healthy food and eating led one of Bernard's six daughters, her husband, their oldest son and daughter-in-law to the decision to resurrect the farm. 
Bersée & Utz Heirloom Farm began in the Spring of 2010 with a planting of 315 dwarf and semi-dwarf apple trees and vegetable market gardens. 
Our first few years have been eye openers.  Farming, and especially farming sustainably (without the use of toxic and harmful chemicals) to protect our soil and provide clean healthy produce, is hard work and a lot of it - -  not for the faint of heart or body! Still, we relish in being close to the land and being able to work outside (for the best workout ever!), witnesses to beautiful skies, awesome cloudscapes, soaring eagles and hawks, approaching storms and of course, magnificent sunsets.  On top of that, we never stop learning and Mother Nature wouldn't have it any other way. She tends to throw farmers different curve balls each year, but that's the name of the game:  how well we can adapt to the diverse conditions and still bring product to harvest.
2013 provided a first taste of an apple harvest from the 2010 orchard planting. We look forward to much more yield this year!  Again, these apples are organically produced, clean and healthy. 2014 apples were a failed crop due to the harsh winter and the 2015 harvest was slim after another brutal winter. We are rethinking the use of good ol' standard trees to replace the semi-dwarfs that have succumbed to the harsh landscape, and will replenish as we have resources.  We are still optimistic, but perhaps more realistic, about the limitations and labor involved in producing our dream crop of organic apples.
More learning and experimenting ahead!
For 2017, we are no longer offering CSA shares, but we will service small commercial accounts and provide the same deliciously fresh and clean produce at our dedicated off-road farm market.   
Please call with any questions in the meantime.
Welcome to our farm!



Utz Farm
Utz family farm, circa 1960s, showing the original apple orchard of 90 standard sized trees.



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