Sustainable Versus Organic?

You may wonder why we refer to ourselves as "sustainable" rather than "organic".  Well, it is illegal to use the word "organic" in connection with our farming methods without being first certified by the USDA.  This process is costly and time-consuming for us at our level of production.  In fact, many small farms all over the nation refer to themselves as "sustainable," even though they may be meeting or exceeding the standards set by the National Organic Program (NOP). 

We prefer to be totally transparent about our farming practices, and make ourselves available to our customers for visits so they can see firsthand what goes into their food.  We like to joke that we are "old school," farming as they did before the widespread availability of pesticides and herbicides. 

Sustainable means, simply, that we use as little off-farm or non-farm-produced input materials as possible - certainly no toxic or synthetic chemicals. By using farm produced materials (such as animal manure in compost and cover crops supplying "green manure") and nature supplied beneficials  (including lady bugs and praying mantises) along with strict adherence to crop rotation, our goal is to enhance soil fertility and continually improve biodiversity on the farm as a whole. This alllows so many organisms we can see and many we can't see the optimum conditions in which to work together very harmoniously.  Barring any extreme weather conditions, healthy soil produces vigorous, healthy plants!  

Organic certification is an option we will consider as we grow and expand in the future.  For now we are simply a small, local farm, producing vegetables and fruit in a natural and sustainable manner.  Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have about our farming practices and philosophy.  Or feel free to give us a call and schedule a time to come experience the farm in person!  

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